BB Coutures is a ready-to-wear bold print clothing line offering quality, trendy African inspired fashion at affordable prices.

Ayebapriye Balida Onianwah is the President of BB Coutures, an online fashion store for lovers of genuine Handmade African Fabrics and Wears abroad which was officially launched in 2018 after her move from Nigeria to the United State of America.

Her passion for fashion and love for African fabric was boldly expressed in her dressing even in the corporate community where she worked in Nigeria inspiring her colleague and friends to desire and wear the African Fabric (tie and dye) which she sourced and sold to them.

Her desire to promote African culture in diaspora inspires her use of the African Handmade Adire (the indigo dyed cloth also known as tie and dye), carefully handmade to suit people from varying culture and tribe in the production of her clothing’s.

BB Coutures is focused on using our styles to tell stories of our magnificent Nigerian culture and heritage. We view ourselves as not just story tellers of African elegance but also playing a role in helping drive its economy with all our fabrics sourced and our clothes handmade in Nigeria.

Her clothing lines has been showcased at various fashion show in the United State of America and the love of African Fabrics were expressed by participants in their purchase of most of our product.

To create versatile styles geared towards complimenting everyone’s unique beauty.

Customer Satisfaction
Commitment to promoting African inspired fabrics and fashion
Cultivate a positive mindset
Create value within the community

We continue to strive to provide outstanding customer service with emphasis on responding quickly to any questions or concerns and welcoming feedback regarding our products. We are excited to welcome you on this wonderful journey we are taking and really do hope that you enjoy the ride!