BB Coutures was founded with the aim of meeting the needs of Africans who would rather remain Africans and keep the African culture alive in a world full of trends by making available and affordable the African styled fashion and fabrics with just a visit to her online shop and the Southwestern Nigeria Adire happens to be her signature fabric.

Adire is a resist-dyed cloth produced and worn by the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria in West Africa. The Yoruba labelĀ adire means “tied and dyed,” Adire was first applied to indigo-dyed cloth decorated with resist patterns around the turn of the twentieth century. With the introduction of a broader color palette of imported synthetic dyes in the second half of the twentieth century, the label “adire” was expanded to include a variety of hand-dyed textiles using wax resist batik methods to produce patterned cloth in a dazzling array of dye tints and hues.

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